“If I were again facing the challenge to integrate Europe, I would start with culture.”

Jean Monnet
Founder of the European Community


Jeanette Martin.Crossing Borders offers customized in-company training courses on topics related to effective management of cultural diversity. The training courses can be a single session on itself, but can also be part of a series of training courses in a larger (change-) process or project.

Change is a central theme in my training courses.  I facilitate change by offering new insights to the participants and to explore together with the participants new perspectives and possibilities.

I have an active training style. This means that I use different training techniques such as demonstrations, drama, voice dialogue, story telling and large group structured conversations. The content of the training courses is based on academic theories.

I design the training courses in close cooperation with the client. This ensures that the content of the courses fits the needs and characteristics of the specific target group(s). The case studies that I use in the training courses are derived from the organisation.

The following are examples of topics of training courses that I offer:

  • Managing a multi-cultural team
  • Intercultural communication
  • Personal effectiveness in a multi-cultural environment
  • Change management in a multi-cultural environment