“No culture can survive if it attempts to be exclusive”


Jeanette Martin.Crossing Borders facilitates processes and meetings in which cultural diversity plays an important role. Cultural diversity is also in this context not only related to cooperation between national cultures, but also to cooperation between organizational cultures as well as between professional cultures.

Are you as a corporation or an organization dealing with lobby groups who call you to account for your environmental and social policy? Or are you a lobby group trying to start a dialogue among different stakeholders? A good cooperation between stakeholders requires a good insight and understanding of each other’s norms, values, assumptions etc.

Maybe you are working in or with global virtual teams. Members of these teams are based all over the world and cooperate with each other with the help of modern communication techniques. Facilitation of (virtual) meetings of these teams requires a specific approach that pays attention to the active participation of all team members.

The following are examples of processes and meetings, which can be facilitated by Jeanette Martin.Crossing Borders:

  • Facilitation of global virtual team meetings
  • Facilitation of stakeholder meetings in the context of social corporate responsibility
  • Facilitation of periodical meetings of the global field offices.