Welcome to Crossing Borders

Jeanette Martin. Crossing Borders supports and advises corporations, organisations and individuals on effectively managing cultural diversity.

Globalisation has flattened the world. We notice it every day in our professional lives as well as in our private lives. Just think about how easy it is to get in touch with whomever, wherever and whenever. Have a look at your colleagues; there is a considerable chance that you are part of and/or work with a multi-cultural team. Or how diverse is your clientele? Are they mainly based in your own country or is your clientele spread out all over the world? Maybe you yourself are currently living or working in another culture.

In short, we are living in an era of globalisation in which it is impossible to imagine life without influences from different cultures. Jeanette Martin. Crossing Borders offers intervention techniques (coaching, teambuilding, training and facilitation) and advises on intercultural cooperation.

The concept of ‘ culture’ is not restricted to national cultures.  Cultures can also be defined for organisations (organisational cultures) and professions (professional cultures).  All these cultures have different cultural perspectives that influence every human activity. Jeanette Martin. Crossing Borders advises and supports corporations, organisations and individuals on leveraging these cultural differences.

The following are examples of issues on which Jeanette Martin. Crossing Borders can advise and support you:

  • How can I make maximum use of the potential of cultural diversity within my team/organisation?
  • How can I facilitate cooperation between different organisational cultures?
  • How does my own cultural perspective influence my performance / my management style?
  • How do I have an effective dialogue with different inside and outside stakeholders within the context of social corporate responsibility?
  • How do I enhance the cooperation between teams with different cultural backgrounds?
  • How can I deal effectively with the challenges related to living in another culture?
  • How do I communicate effectively with individuals/teams from different cultural backgrounds?